Tangerine Dream Collective

Artists: Sarah Osborne, Joani Tremblay and Elise Windsor
Exhibition: March 12 to April 13 2016

Projet Pangée is pleased to present the first exhibition of the Tangerine Dream Collective composed of artists Sarah Osborne, Joani Tremblay and Elise Windsor. With a young and contemporary vision, the collective plays with simple and bold forms as well as large-scale installations composed of several works on paper seen and presented as objects. What influences this collective the most are flora, architecture and the world of art, as well as their status as women. For the occasion of this exhibit, the gallery will be transformed into a living sculpture in the form of an installation using pop colors and mixing paintings, drawings, photographs, objects, plants, shelves and other sculptural devices. Works on paper become objects displayed as in a showcase window such as to question the relationship between staging and curation.