River Belly: Kristy Luck + Alan Prazniak

Opening: Saturday November 24, 2018, from 3 to 6pm
Exhibition: November 24 to December 22, 2018

Projet Pangée is pleased to present River Belly by Kristy Luck and Alan Prazniak. In this duo exhibition, both artists reference landscape as a mean of revisiting personal influence and memory, placing these into new imageries to heighten our understandings of them. Such subtle states are seized through the sensorial vibrancy of Luck’s palette and Prazniak’s quiet but uncertain weather conditions, encouraging us to swirl and flow between them.

Built with delicate layers of wax and oil brushstrokes, Kristy Luck’s compositions are suggestive of a strong femininity. At times, flowers, waves and tornadoes burst from the canvas, while at others we catch ourselves gliding through the cool, smooth curves of a cave or womb. Carefully building the surface to emotional colours like fire red, honey yellow, lush green and sapphire blue, Luck’s intimate and private paintings expand into a shared experience of love and attentiveness to the natural world, where emotions remain paramount to the works’ reception.

Equally as intimate, Alan Prazniak’s luminous, fuzzy fields invite us into a constructed world of fantasy. Neither dawn nor dusk, Prazniak’s world is narrated through omnipresent tricksters, who order mountains to spill lava from their river beds and force multiple moons, suns and orbs to appear all at once, wielding their magic for endless possibilities. Not unlike drifting in and out of a dream, the foggy landscapes become a place where the juxtaposition of whimsical natural elements with memories of childhood places makes tangible our most deep-set desires.

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Kristy Luck (b. 1985) lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She holds an MFA in Painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA from Rockford University. Her work has been exhibited in London, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago with recent shows at SPRING/BREAK, Guerrero Gallery, Left Field and Big Pictures LA. She was awarded a Lighthouse Works Fellowship last fall and is working on an upcoming exhibition with Jacob’s West in Los Angeles.

Alan Prazniak (b. 1985) was raised on a horse farm in rural Pennsylvania, where his formative years were spent navigating the idyllic landscapes of the Delaware Water Gap. He received his BFA from Tyler School of Art and his MFA from Rutgers. Most recently, his work has been exhibited at Harpy Gallery (Rutherford) and 106 Green (Brooklyn). He lives and works in Brooklyn.